10 Years in Web graphics development

Focus Reactive owns a rich knowledge in developing online graphics and optimizing Web applications performance. Since first 3D application delivered in 2009 we`ve been constantly sharpening our tools aiming for the excellence in making 3D/2D graphics for the Web

Creating rich and smooth 3D/2D graphics for browser requires special expertise. Performance optimization, large-scale WebGL applications architecture, pixel and vertex shaders, physical based rendering - these are a few of skills FocusReactive`ve been mastering for years and now this expertise is available to drive your game project or an application.

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    High performance

    Be your project a Web app, CAD system or a 3D game it is always true that high responsivity and smooth animations is a key to user satisfaction. Our experience of optimizing Web applications reflected in the Challenging Native workshop and now we are ready to boost your app performance to the most of what is possible.

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    WebGL on a scale

    Many companies on the market can show nicely looking 3d demos however development and maintainance of large WebGL applications require quite a different skillset. We ve been working on projects of a unique scale and complexity. Now we are glad to help you by putting our years of experience to the table.

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    Graphics made caring of details

    3D graphics on the Web is an advanced technology and a powerful medium however to unleash it`s potential hard work on models, materials and animations is required. Having a strong expertise on building 3d experiences we can make your application shine and be ahead of competitors.

Evolution Gaming 3d online casino (React + WebGL)

Liberty Global Horizon UI (React + WebGL)

Teempla collaborative CAD for architects (Canvas)

Prayer wheel application (ReactJS + WebGL)

Embedded teams,
growth support,
or project-based work

Embedded teams,
growth support,
or project-based work

We offer engagement options for every kind of project and company, ranging from deep integration with your existing engineering team or supporting its expansion, to project-focused work in collaboration with your product manager and designers.

However we collaborate, we regularly align expectations with both the business and existing engineering teams. Continuous support of the technical products we deliver and the right amount of documentation ensure a smooth transition following project completion.