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Technical stack
Scope of work
Website development


  • The need for a high-performing website optimized for both SEO and user experience
  • A desire for a flexible CMS that allows for easy content updates without extensive technical intervention
  • A requirement for a platform that seamlessly integrates with a headless CMS for dynamic content management
  • The urgency to scale their online presence rapidly in the competitive Casino industry
  • The necessity for seamless localization to cater to different audiences

Project in numbers




Site launch

Content types


Content editors

in Storyblok

Client says

"FocusReactive's work boosted the website traffic, conversion rates, and audience engagement, meeting expectations. The team communicated effectively and utilized productivity tools to move the project forward seamlessly. Above all, we commended the team's flexibility and expertise."

Nick Walker

Chief Operating Officer at Blexr


  • Facilitated the launch of new pages into production without developer assistance
  • Empowered users to fully manage content and dynamically create landing pages with custom blocks
  • Expanded accessibility by establishing new locales, catering to diverse regions and languages
  • Supported simultaneous work for 59 users, enhancing team collaboration and productivity
  • Implemented a system where the chief editor approves pages before publication, ensuring content quality
  • Struck a balance between a user-friendly editing environment and high-performance metrics for a seamless UX

Project tech stack


Integrated a flexible CMS with NextJS, enabling dynamic landing page creation, efficient editorial workflows, and localization,


Delivered a high-performing web platform with enhanced SEO, dynamic routing, and seamless integration with Storyblok, ensuring both agility and scalability


Achieved lightning-fast deployments and optimized web performance, ensuring a seamless user experience across the platform.


Ensured robust, type-safe code, enhancing the project's reliability and maintainability


Built a scalable, secure, and high-availability infrastructure for our project, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


Enhanced site speed, security, and resilience, ensuring a faster and safer user experience

Main page preview opened in Storyblok for editing

You can select a component and open it in editor at right hand side

Main page preview opened in Storyblok for editing

Page with casino cards opened in Storyblok for editing

CE don’t need to populate each casino card as they came from client's backend. In CMS they only need to specify other page blocks and general parameters of cards list they want to show on a page

Page with casino cards opened in Storyblok for editing

Dimensions plugin to manage regions

Here is the screenshot where you can see the amount of supported regions

Dimensions plugin to manage regions

Green page speed metrics

Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence enabled us to achieve stellar Google Page Speed metrics

Green page speed metrics

Mobile optimization

We tailored and optimized every aspect of the project for mobile devices, guaranteeing seamless navigation and top-tier performance across all screen sizes


  • Achieved green metrics, ensuring a smooth and optimized user experience for performance and SEO
  • Tailored content for different regions, ensuring wider audience reach through effective localization
  • Provided a system that allows the creation of dynamic landing pages using pre-developed content blocks, enhancing content flexibility
  • Established a publishing flow that permits the chief editor to approve pages before they go live, enhancing collaboration
  • Furnished comprehensive guides and organized workshops for technical specialists, ensuring the platform's seamless use and effective documentation

Team behind the project

Oleg Proskurin
Oleg Proskurin
Sergey Labuts
Sergey Labuts
Senior Engineer
Maksim Hodasevich
Maksim Hodasevich
Senior Engineer
Artur Nikitsin
Artur Nikitsin
Senior Engineer

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