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App router

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In the rapidly changing landscape of web development, the key to staying ahead lies in deploying the most sophisticated, SEO-optimized strategies for your Next.js application.

FocusReactive brings deep expertise in Next.js app router migration, focusing on the latest features to boost your SEO and enhance user experience with performance improvements. Our commitment is aimed at optimizing your project’s success and setting a new standard in user engagement.

With expertise in both static and dynamic websites, we're proficient not only in Next.js core functionalities but also in its latest features. If you're seeking top-tier user experience and the best of Next.js, we're here to help.

Technologies we use


React framework that enables server-side rendering, routing, and other advanced features for building fast and scalable web applications


A JavaScript library for building user interfaces that allows developers to create interactive and dynamic web applications efficiently.


Flexible and powerful CMS that empowers teams to create, manage, and deliver content seamlessly, making it a top choice for modern content-driven applications


A headless CMS designed for developers to manage structured content, offering APIs and a visual editor for delivering content to websites and applications in a flexible and programmatic manner.


A CMS that provides a flexible and developer-friendly way to manage and deliver content across various digital channels


Combining the utility of a Headless CMS with the power of a Backend-as-a-Service, Directus handles APIs, Auth, Admin, and more so you can focus on building amazing apps and websites

Benefits of Next.JS App router migration

By going the self-hosted route with your Next.js applications, you're adding an extra layer of protection around your data. Custom security protocols can be implemented to guard against threats, ensuring your web application remains safe and secure.

Facilitates both static and dynamic generation, aiding in comprehensive SEO strategy implementation

Introduces a clear, standardized approach for managing meta tags, improving SEO efficiency.

Offers multiple methods for redirects, contributing to better site structure and user navigation.



On the EasyPark project, we consolidated 20+ domains into a single platform, introduced a comprehensive CMS handling 6,998 stories, 1,131 assets, and 125 blocks with 24 users.

We also optimized the site for global use, supporting 35 languages across 14 countries, and achieved top 1-5 search rankings in all active regions.

Casino Reviews

We crafted an SEO-optimized, high-performing platform with dynamic content management, scalable infrastructure, and seamless localization, setting a new benchmark in the digital realm of the Casino industry


We have developed a fully functional storefront for their US market website, integrating with Stripe and their fulfillment services, centralizing product catalog and order statuses within the Crystallize platform.

The eCommerce store is highly optimized using the latest Next.js features and is hosted on Vercel.


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FAQ about Next.JS App router

NextJS uses a file system-based routing method where pages are automatically routed based on their file names in the /pages directory.

You can create dynamic routes by adding square brackets to a page name, like [param].js, which allows you to access parameters as part of the URL path.

Yes, you can use the useRouter hook from next/router to programmatically navigate between pages, enabling actions like button click redirects.

Create a folder structure within the /pages directory that mirrors your desired URL structure. For instance, /pages/blog/[slug].js corresponds to nested routing like /blog/your-article-title.The App Router standardizes these tags, making it simpler to manage and improve SEO for multiple languages and platforms.

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