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We are an agency specializing in the development of modern websites and applications using headless CMS and Next.js technologies. We offer professional services for technical SEO and performance audits, ensuring the optimization of your website for maximum visibility in search engines.

Technical SEO is a crucial part because it ensures that your website is optimized for search engines, attracting more organic traffic, improving visibility, and enhancing the user experience, which leads to business growth. Moreover, it helps prevent traffic loss and errors that could harm search engine rankings, ensuring the stability and reliability of your online presence.

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Audit Objectives

🟢 Identifying technical issues that may hinder website indexing by search engines

🟢 Checking for the presence of necessary metadata on pages

🟢 Improving website loading speed

🟢 Ensuring security and compliance with web standards

Audit Workflow Breakdown

⚫ Initial analysis of the site to identify areas for improvement.

⚫ Detailed technical review including the examination of URL structure, XML sitemap, robots.txt file, page loading speed, and mobile optimization.

⚫ Accessibility and SEO-centric code analysis.

⚫ Checking for duplicate pages and content.

⚫ Review of metadata and structured data implementation.

NewU - our recent NextJS SEO optimization project

Our client says:

We hired FocusReactive to boost the SEO of our Next.JS website, drawn by their expertise in SEO and Next.js, which I discovered via an online search. Their team, consisting of one dedicated professional, meticulously analyzed our website, Google Search Console, and codebase to craft a comprehensive SEO action plan. Impressively, they achieved our project goals within the set timeframe, demonstrating efficient project management and seamless communication through virtual meetings and messaging. I deeply appreciated their effective communication and was completely satisfied with their services, finding no areas needing improvement.

Bart Spangenberg

Co-Founder, NewU

Mastering SEO and Next.js Optimization

For the NewU project, our team conducted a comprehensive NextJS audit, focusing on in-depth analysis of the site's technical SEO aspects and codebase.

We scrutinized factors like site structure, metadata, and page loading speeds, employing our expertise in Next.js to identify and implement strategic enhancements for optimal search engine performance.

Mastering SEO and Next.js Optimization


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