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  • Difficulties in updating and maintaining content due to an outdated traditional CMS
  • Inefficient support and maintenance processes with multiple teams involved
  • Limited functionality preventing the implementation of desired features
  • Slow website performance affecting user satisfaction and SEO ranking

Project in numbers



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Client says

We picked FocusReactive over other partners because of their no-nonsense approach, technical know-how, experience and price. FocusReactive’s work has doubled SEO traffic in the first week and has received positive feedback from stakeholders. A lot of companies have layers of sales on top of them and if you don't plan in advance, you cannot get the resources needed. FocusReactive ensures that you are never blocked because they will prioritise for you. They are very professional while they are down-to-earth and social enough to have a laugh with. I really see them as part of the team and not a supplier of resources.

Igor Oudekerk

Product Owner, EasyPark


  • The platform's CMS facilitates instantaneous content alterations, employing drag-and-drop interfaces and real-time previews.
  • Through existing presets, clients can now create new components, optimizing UI/UX design processes.
  • Technical optimizations were made, boosting the site's search engine ranking, and thus amplifying organic reach.
  • Stringent data protection measures were implemented, adhering to GDPR protocols.
  • We ensured adaptive rendering, guaranteeing optimal display across varying device resolutions.

Project Tech Stack


Storyblok empowered us to craft a dynamic, customizable content experience on the project with unparalleled flexibility.


boosted our project with faster page loads, enhanced SEO, and a streamlined development process for an improved user experience


Vercel provided us with the tools and infrastructure to deploy a highly optimized web solution, ensuring rapid load times, seamless scalability, and robust performance throughout the project's lifecycle.

The Storyblok project size

We developed a robust CMS, encompassing nearly 7,000 stories, over 1,100 assets, 125 blocks, and accommodating 24 users, showcasing the scale and versatility of our solution.

The Storyblok project size

The Visual Editor and Live Preview

Now, the client can edit content on-the-fly, effortlessly drag-and-drop elements, and instantly view all modifications through a live preview.

Content Types presets

Additionally, the client has the capability to craft new components using existing presets

Achieving Top Google PageSpeed Metrics

We successfully optimized the project to achieve green metrics on Google PageSpeed Insights, ensuring a fast and efficient user experience.

Achieving Top Google PageSpeed Metrics

Mobile optimization

We optimized the website to be fully responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience across all screen sizes and devices.


  • Implemented comprehensive live previews per language
  • Developed AI plugin for SEO content, and advanced GDPR-friendly analytics and tracking
  • Simplified the onboarding process, training new staff members in just one session
  • Ensured a 100% uptime for the site
  • Successfully passed the Google Page Speed test, scoring a 98-page speed based on over 1 billion points
  • Secured a top 1-5 search ranking across all active countries based on keywords

Team behind the project

Alex Hramovich
Alex Hramovich
Technical Lead
Anton Meleshkin
Anton Meleshkin
Senior Engineer
Maxim Smirnov
Maxim Smirnov
Software Engineer
Sergey Labuts
Sergey Labuts
Senior Engineer

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