Migration from Webflow to Headless CMS

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Migrate from Webflow to Headless CMS

At FocusReactive, we excel in the art of migrating from Webflow to Headless CMS, ensuring a seamless transition for businesses aiming to elevate their online presence.

By shifting to a Headless CMS, we empower our clients with faster website load times, enhanced security, and the freedom to design without limits.

Trust us to guide your digital transformation, making your website not just a platform, but a powerhouse of innovation and growth.

Webflow vs Headless CMS

Contentful is known for its efficient management and delivery of content across multiple digital channels, serving purely as a headless CMS. Conversely, Webflow caters to those who want an integrated solution that combines website design and hosting capabilities.

Webflow integrates design, CMS, and hosting into one platform, ideal for those who want to visually design websites without code. Sanity focuses more on backend content management, providing APIs to distribute content flexibly across multiple platforms, suitable for developers looking for extensive content integration.

Builder.io focuses on being a flexible visual site builder that easily integrates with existing websites and eCommerce platforms, suitable for quick design additions and updates.

Unlike Webflow, which offers tools for website design and direct hosting, Storyblok provides a separate environment for managing content with a visual editor, making it excellent for projects requiring a decoupled CMS to serve multiple frontends.

Payload CMS targets developers with a customizable back-end, allowing extensive API and content modeling flexibility, ideal for bespoke projects. Webflow caters more to designers and content managers seeking an all-in-one solution for creating and hosting visually appealing websites.

Future-proof solutions at affordable budget

Budget Project complexity
Affordable (20k - 150k EUR) Premium
Focus Reactive
  • Budget: 20-150k
  • Premium scalability with pre-built plugins
  • Efficient, expert tech stack integration
expensive (200k EUR - )
  • Complex integrations
  • Scale
  • Enterprise security
Cheap (under 5k EUR) Generic
  • Simple interface
  • Quick setup
Low budget (5k - 20k EUR) Website
  • Standart solutions
  • No unique features



On the EasyPark project, we consolidated 20+ domains into a single platform, introduced a comprehensive CMS handling 6,998 stories, 1,131 assets, and 125 blocks with 24 users.

We also optimized the site for global use, supporting 35 languages across 14 countries, and achieved top 1-5 search rankings in all active regions.


With the help of Sanity and Next.js, we crafted a dynamic website with 50+ modular content blocks, hosted on Vercel for optimal performance.

We ensured tailored user experiences with custom localization, catering to an international audience.

Market Finance

Transforming a complex NextJS marketing site into a streamlined, scalable powerhouse with Contentful, we empowered non-technical teams while extending our support through three contract extensions.

Casino Reviews

We crafted an SEO-optimized, high-performing platform with dynamic content management, scalable infrastructure, and seamless localization, setting a new benchmark in the digital realm of the Casino industry


Webflow combines design, CMS, and hosting. A Headless CMS separates content management from the front-end, offering more flexibility and customization.

Complexity varies with your site's size and features. It involves moving content, setting up the new CMS, and developing a new front-end.

Properly managed, migration shouldn't hurt SEO. Improved performance might even boost rankings.

Yes, but you'll need to recreate it using new front-end technologies compatible with the Headless CMS.

Your content needs to be exported from Webflow and imported into the Headless CMS. This process may require formatting adjustments to fit the new content structure.

Migrate to Headless CMS from Webflow

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