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Shopify Plus

Remix-based framework for Headless commerce

With Hydrogen, you can create your own front-end projects based on the Shopify API, giving you complete control over the look and feel of your online store.

Shopify has also released Oxygen, the perfect hosting platform for Hydrogen storefronts. With Oxygen, you can deploy and preview your storefront without any infrastructure configuration or maintenance.

Don't settle for templates that limit your business - contact us today to learn how we can help you harness the power of Hydrogen for your online store.

Future-proof eCommerce solutions at optimzal budget

Budget Project complexity
High-end budget (200k$ - ) Enterprise
  • For multinational eCommerce giants.
  • Headless architecture for large inventories/traffic.
  • Custom solutions for multi-channel integration.
Expensive (100k$ - 300k$) Boutique
Rotate Agency
Jung von Matt
Shopify plus
Shopify Hydrogen
  • Budget: 100-300k+
  • Design-focused, visually optimized
  • Branding & presentation priority
  • Mostly custom-built from scratch
Entry (1$ - 20k$) site builders
  • Suited for startups entering the
    Headless eCommerce space.
  • Uses pre-configured Headless solutions.
  • Quick deployment with foundational
    eCommerce capabilities.
Optimal (40k$ - 150k$) Advanced
Focus Reactive
Shopify plus
Shopify Hydrogen
  • Budget Range: 40-150k
  • Focus: Performance, UX, 20-80 rule
  • Lean Branding, Custom Scalability
  • Advanced Tech with Pre-built Modules
  • Expert Tech Stack Integration

Technologies we use

Shopify Plus

An enterprise e-commerce software system designed for high-growth merchants and brands who have high levels of annual revenue.


A front-end Remix-based framework used for building Shopify custom storefronts. It includes the structure, components, and tooling you need to get started so you can spend your time styling and designing features that make your brand unique.


A hosting platform for Hydrogen storefronts, that maintains server infrastructure and enables you to manage and deploy Hydrogen storefronts.


NotSoApe - headless eCommerce website

We have developed a fully functional storefront for their US market website, integrating with Stripe and their fulfillment services, centralizing product catalog and order statuses within the Crystallize platform.

The eCommerce store is highly optimized using the latest Next.js features and is hosted on Vercel.

Project types

Shopify Hydrogen FAQ

Shopify Hydrogen is a front-end framework designed for building fast and dynamic custom storefronts on Shopify. It offers developers the tools to create unique, high-performance online shopping experiences, leveraging the scalability and reliability of Shopify's backend.

Yes, Hydrogen is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing Shopify ecosystem, including your store's data, products, and apps, enabling a cohesive and enhanced eCommerce experience.

Hydrogen stands out for its flexibility in design and development, offering a suite of pre-built components, powerful APIs, and the ability to fully customize storefronts to match specific brand needs and customer experiences.

Absolutely, Hydrogen is built with global commerce in mind, supporting features like multi-currency, multi-language, and localized content, making it easier for businesses to expand their reach and cater to a worldwide audience.

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