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Evolving Your Website from WordPress to Sanity

Transitioning from WordPress to Sanity brings your website into the modern era of content management.

With Sanity, you gain a highly customizable platform that elevates your site’s performance and offers unmatched flexibility in how and where you deliver your content.

Our expertise ensures a smooth migration process, enabling you to manage content more efficiently, secure your digital assets, and seamlessly integrate with modern development frameworks.

Contact us today to ensure a smooth transition, minimizing downtime and maintaining your digital integrity.

Main benefits of Migration to Sanity

Sanity's efficient content delivery improves website speed and responsiveness, directly impacting user engagement and SEO rankings.

Unlike WordPress's fixed data structures, Sanity allows you to define custom content models that fit your unique needs, making content management more intuitive and flexible.

As your project grows, Sanity scales with you, handling increased traffic and content needs without compromising on performance.

By adopting Sanity, you position your web infrastructure on cutting-edge technology that’s adaptable to future digital trends and user expectations.

With Sanity, you can easily serve content across websites, apps, and other digital platforms from a single source, ensuring consistent messaging and branding.

Future-proof solutions at affordable budget

Budget Project complexity
Affordable (20k - 150k EUR) Premium
Focus Reactive
  • Budget: 20-150k
  • Premium scalability with pre-built plugins
  • Efficient, expert tech stack integration
expensive (200k EUR - )
  • Complex integrations
  • Scale
  • Enterprise security
Cheap (under 5k EUR) Generic
  • Simple interface
  • Quick setup
Low budget (5k - 20k EUR) Website
  • Standart solutions
  • No unique features


Tipico Marketing

With the help of Sanity and Next.js, we crafted a dynamic website with 50+ modular content blocks, hosted on Vercel for optimal performance.

We ensured tailored user experiences with custom localization, catering to an international audience.


We have built from scratch more than 30 pages based on a collection of 50+ content blocks, each could be used to construct new pages without dev involvement thanks to a special Headless CMS setup


Key reasons include enhanced site performance, greater flexibility in content modeling, real-time collaboration features, better scalability, and improved security due to the decoupled architecture.

With proper migration planning, including 301 redirects and maintaining URL structures, your SEO can remain intact or even improve due to increased site speed and performance enhancements.

Yes, you can migrate most content types from WordPress to Sanity, including posts, pages, and media. The process involves exporting data from WordPress and importing it into Sanity, sometimes requiring transformation to match Sanity’s content structure.

The timeline varies based on the complexity and size of your WordPress site. Simple sites can be migrated in a few weeks, while larger, more complex sites may take several months to fully transition.

Since Sanity is a headless CMS, you have the opportunity to either retain your existing design by rebuilding it with new technology or take the chance to refresh your website's design entirely.

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