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Migrate from Magento to Headless Commerce

Our team specializes in migrating from Magento to Headless Commerce, offering a streamlined process that focuses on improving scalability, performance, and user experience.

With extensive experience in API-driven commerce systems, we provide tailored migration solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring a robust and adaptable digital commerce platform.

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Main benefits of Migration to Headless CMS

Headless Commerce decouples the frontend and backend, allowing for more flexible, customized, and innovative user experiences without affecting the backend logic.

Without the constraints of a traditional frontend, websites can load faster, improving SEO, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates.

Headless architecture simplifies integration with various systems and tools, from CRM to marketing platforms, enhancing the overall ecosystem.

Businesses can adapt to new technologies and trends more easily, ensuring their online presence remains competitive and relevant.

Headless Commerce can handle high traffic and complex operations more efficiently, supporting business growth without significant changes to the infrastructure.

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Future-proof eCommerce solutions at optimzal budget

Budget Project complexity
High-end budget (200k$ - ) Enterprise
  • For multinational eCommerce giants.
  • Headless architecture for large inventories/traffic.
  • Custom solutions for multi-channel integration.
Expensive (100k$ - 300k$) Boutique
Rotate Agency
Jung von Matt
Shopify plus
Shopify Hydrogen
  • Budget: 100-300k+
  • Design-focused, visually optimized
  • Branding & presentation priority
  • Mostly custom-built from scratch
Entry (1$ - 20k$) site builders
  • Suited for startups entering the
    Headless eCommerce space.
  • Uses pre-configured Headless solutions.
  • Quick deployment with foundational
    eCommerce capabilities.
Optimal (40k$ - 150k$) Advanced
Focus Reactive
Shopify plus
Shopify Hydrogen
  • Budget Range: 40-150k
  • Focus: Performance, UX, 20-80 rule
  • Lean Branding, Custom Scalability
  • Advanced Tech with Pre-built Modules
  • Expert Tech Stack Integration



We have developed a fully functional storefront for their US market website, integrating with Stripe and their fulfillment services, centralizing product catalog and order statuses within the Crystallize platform.

The eCommerce store is highly optimized using the latest Next.js features and is hosted on Vercel.


Faster site performance, greater design and development flexibility, seamless omnichannel experiences, easier scalability, and faster updates to respond to market trends.

Migration time varies, ranging from a few months to over a year, depending on complexity and specific needs.

Challenges include complex data migration, the need for specialized technical skills, and potential high costs associated with development and ongoing maintenance.

There may be temporary SEO impacts due to changes in site structure, but long-term benefits include improved performance and user experience, which can positively influence SEO.

Yes, Headless Commerce allows for maintaining or enhancing your current design thanks to its frontend flexibility, independent of backend changes.

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