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Our Crystallize expertise

Our expertise in Crystallize enables us to create tailored storefronts that integrate smoothly with payment and fulfillment services.

We specialize in centralizing product catalogs and order management, optimizing operational efficiency. Utilizing Next.js, we build fast, responsive eCommerce sites hosted on Vercel, demonstrating our capability to enhance online retail experiences with modern web technologies. Our focus on practical, efficient solutions positions us as a valuable partner in the digital marketplace.

Reach out to us and experience the power of a headless eCommerce platform that delivers performance, flexibility, and scalability.

Future-proof eCommerce solutions at optimzal budget

Budget Project complexity
High-end budget (200k$ - ) Enterprise
  • For multinational eCommerce giants.
  • Headless architecture for large inventories/traffic.
  • Custom solutions for multi-channel integration.
Expensive (100k$ - 300k$) Boutique
Rotate Agency
Jung von Matt
Shopify plus
Shopify Hydrogen
  • Budget: 100-300k+
  • Design-focused, visually optimized
  • Branding & presentation priority
  • Mostly custom-built from scratch
Entry (1$ - 20k$) site builders
  • Suited for startups entering the
    Headless eCommerce space.
  • Uses pre-configured Headless solutions.
  • Quick deployment with foundational
    eCommerce capabilities.
Optimal (40k$ - 150k$) Advanced
Focus Reactive
Shopify plus
Shopify Hydrogen
  • Budget Range: 40-150k
  • Focus: Performance, UX, 20-80 rule
  • Lean Branding, Custom Scalability
  • Advanced Tech with Pre-built Modules
  • Expert Tech Stack Integration

Our Crystallize successful story with NotSoApe

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Web Vitals


Web Vitals

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What our client says

"We had the opportunity to work with FocusReactive in a headless ecommerce project that involved using Crystallize, Nextjs, Vercel, and Shipmonk to create a full-features headless storefront with a super fast loading speed and exceptional user experience. We truly enjoyed working with the FocusReactive team: they had excellent communication and organization, and the end product was above our expectations. We are looking forward to engaging the team again in the future!"

Thomas Petersson

Product Manager at BigRiver

Technologies we use


A headless CMS designed for e-commerce and content-driven applications. It provides developers with APIs and tools to manage product data, content, and digital experiences, enabling the creation of highly customizable and scalable online stores and websites.


React framework that enables server-side rendering, routing, and other advanced features for building fast and scalable web applications.


A cloud platform that specializes in deploying and hosting web applications, making it easy to build, deploy, and scale your projects with speed and efficiency.


A widely-used JavaScript library for building user interfaces that allows developers to create interactive and dynamic web applications efficiently.


A statically typed superset of JavaScript that enhances the development experience by adding static type checking.


A cloud-based platform that simplifies the process of deploying and hosting modern web applications.


A runtime environment that allows developers to execute JavaScript code server-side, enabling the creation of fast and scalable network applications.


A query language and runtime for APIs that allows clients to request only the specific data they need, resulting in more efficient and flexible data retrieval, making it ideal for modern API development.


A global content delivery and internet security company that provides services such as content delivery, DDoS protection, firewall, and DNS management to optimize the performance, security, and reliability of websites and online applications.

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FAQ about Crystallize

Crystallize is a headless eCommerce platform designed for building online stores. It enables seamless integrations and offers a flexible, API-first approach for creating customized shopping experiences.

it allows for customizable storefronts, supports rich media content, and ensures fast website performance. Its scalability and flexibility improve customer engagement and facilitate business growth.

Yes. The process involves transferring product data and customer information, with tools available to help ensure a smooth transition.

Crystallize focuses on content-rich experiences and product storytelling. It offers a powerful GraphQL API for dynamic data querying and includes a Product Information Management system for easy product data management.

Yes. Its scalable features and flexible pricing model make it accessible for startups and small operations, offering the necessary tools for growth and customization.

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