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Introduction to CMS-KIT-Sanity: Streamlining Web Development with Headless CMS

Learn how CMS-KIT-Sanity revolutionizes web development with customizable solutions, ensuring rapid project launches and sustainable growth.

Introduction to CMS-KIT-Sanity: Streamlining Web Development with Headless CMS

Leveraging the full potential of headless CMS platforms requires a significant level of expertise from developers and content creators alike. The integration of a front-end system with a Headless CMS introduces a set of challenges—demanding a high degree of customization, thoughtful consideration during the initiation phase, and skilled professionals capable of navigating the complexities of these systems.

The Challenge: Complexity and Expertise in Headless CMS Projects

The transition towards using Headless CMS for large-scale projects brings to light a critical problem: the complexity of setting up and managing these systems. This approach necessitates not only a high level of technical proficiency from developers but also demands content creators to be adept with these tools. The key issues at hand include:

  • High Professional Demands: The intricate nature of configuring and optimizing Headless CMS solutions requires developers to possess advanced skills and in-depth knowledge.
  • Complexity of Initial Setup: Establishing a robust architecture from the outset is crucial for scalable growth, but the initial complexity can be daunting.
  • Need for Skilled Content Creators: To fully exploit the capabilities of Headless CMS, content creators must be proficient in using these advanced platforms, a requirement that can limit accessibility for non-technical personnel.

Exploring Solutions to Headless CMS Development Hurdles

Addressing the challenges posed by Headless CMS development entails navigating through various solutions, each with its own set of advantages and drawbacks:

  • DIY Approach: Delving into the nuances of Headless CMS architecture, SEO optimization, and infrastructure on one's own. While empowering, this path is time-consuming and fraught with potential missteps.
  • Boilerplates: These pre-configured setups offer a quick start but may fall short in accommodating the project's evolution, often lacking the depth required for a sustainable, long-term solution.
  • Professional Assistance: Engaging experts or agencies can provide valuable insights and expedite development, though ensuring their familiarity with the specific Headless CMS and their approach to project initiation remains critical.

CMS-KIT: A Thoughtful, Scalable Solution for Headless CMS Projects

FocusReactive introduces CMS-KIT as an innovative solution designed to tackle the intricacies of Headless CMS projects. CMS-KIT stands apart with its modular architecture and tailored setups for each CMS, ensuring a flexible and scalable foundation for web development. Key offerings include:

  • Diverse CMS Support: With custom configurations for leading CMS platforms like Sanity, Storyblok, and Directus, CMS-KIT adapts to various project needs.
  • Frontend Flexibility: Developers can choose from a range of component sets based on different CSS frameworks, enabling design consistency and creativity.
  • Comprehensive Setup: Initiating a project with CMS-KIT provides a fully-configured system, complete with hosting, CMS accounts, GitHub repositories, and essential connections, alongside initial content and a design system for a swift development start.
  • Long-Term Focus: Beyond the initial deployment, CMS-KIT emphasizes ongoing project growth, offering tools and guidelines for expanding content models, components, and overall design.

CMS-KIT is not merely a boilerplate but a comprehensive framework that enriches both the development process and the content management experience, facilitating a harmonious collaboration between developers and content creators. By simplifying the technical complexities and enhancing the capabilities of all users, CMS-KIT positions itself as an indispensable tool in the modern web developer's arsenal, ready to meet the challenges of today's digital landscape.

Introducing CMS-KIT-Sanity


CMS-KIT-Sanity is a solid and up-to-date technology base. It’s designed for developers who want to use the best web development practices. It provides a complete solution that not only makes project development easier but also encourages productive collaboration between developers and content creators.

You can check out the project and its community on GitHub. Since CMS-KIT-Sanity is currently in an open beta stage, we welcome any contributions to improve and enhance the platform. Additionally, a live demo of CMS-KIT-Sanity is available, which shows how it can be used in real-world scenarios.

Developers who looking to start their projects right away, a comprehensive boilerplate is a good place to start. It's designed for quick setup and integration, letting you start developing immediately without the need for manual package installations.

creating a new repository from a template

Underlying Structure and Technical Stack

At the core of CMS-KIT-Sanity's technological prowess lies a meticulously curated selection of tools and frameworks, assembled to ensure a seamless, efficient development experience from start to finish. Here's a closer look at the components that make CMS-KIT-Sanity a standout choice for modern web development:

  • NPM Package Core: The foundation of CMS-KIT-Sanity is encapsulated within an NPM package @focus-reactive/cms-kit-sanity, which houses the essential functionalities, additional tools, and a dedicated Sanity plugin.


  • Pluggable Component Sets with Tailwind UI: To address the need for high-quality, design-coherent UI components, CMS-KIT-Sanity incorporates a Pluggable Component Set derived from Tailwind UI Components.

Tailwind based Components Set

  • NextJS 14: The Frontend Foundation: The frontend application of CMS-KIT-Sanity is built atop NextJS 14, leveraging its latest advancements, including the app router. This choice ensures that developers can take full advantage of NextJS's capabilities in static and dynamic rendering, and more, making the project not only cutting-edge but also versatile for a wide array of web applications.
  • The Boilerplate Connection: Bridging the gap between discrete parts, the CMS-KIT-Sanity boilerplate unifies the NPM package core, the Pluggable Component Sets, and NextJS foundation into a cohesive whole. This boilerplate facilitates a straightforward setup process, connecting the dots to offer a comprehensive development environment out-of-the-box.


  • TypeScript: Embracing TypeScript across CMS-KIT-Sanity underscores a commitment to reliability, maintainability, and developer-friendly coding practices.
  • Vercel Hosting: With Vercel as the preferred hosting solution, CMS-KIT-Sanity projects benefit from effortless deployment, high performance, and scalability.
  • Sanity CMS Integration: Completing the stack, CMS-KIT-Sanity's integration with Sanity CMS brings a powerful and flexible content management system into the mix. This integration supports a wide range of content management requirements, from blogs to comprehensive eCommerce sites, backed by Sanity's customizable schemas and real-time collaboration features.

Pluggable Components Sets: A Core Innovation

Components Sets

CMS-KIT-Sanity utilizes a key architectural concept - Pluggable Components Sets. This feature highlights the toolkit's ability to accommodate growth and simplicity, while also changing the way web project development is approached.

Pluggability demonstrates the toolkit's ability to seamlessly incorporate various component sets into any project. Each set, carefully constructed around a specific CSS framework, ensures a consistent design language, providing a uniform aesthetic across all components. CMS-KIT-Sanity plans to support sets based on Tailwind, StyledComponents, and other modern CSS frameworks, offering a wide range of design options.

The Pluggable Starter Components Set lies at the foundation of CMS-KIT-Sanity, offering:

  • Diverse UI Elements and Content Blocks: A versatile "lego" kit for page assembly, providing creative freedom and customization options.
  • Design and Customization Readiness: Housed within the project folder for easy access, encouraging developers to extend and modify components as needed.

Beyond Simple UI Elements

The essence of these Components Sets transcends traditional UI elements by providing:

  • Components Schemas: Each component features its own content schema, effortlessly integrating into the CMS model and enriching the project's content architecture.

Components Schema

  • Content Templates: Offering pre-designed content templates that facilitate quick content setup and showcase component variations. This feature bridges the gap between developers and content creators, allowing for intuitive content management and dynamic page composition.

Content Template

  • TypeScript Props Exposure: Enhancing development clarity and type safety by detailing components' props.

TypeScript Props

A standout feature of the Components Sets is their universal compatibility with any CMS within the CMS-KIT framework, thanks to:

  • CMS Compatibility: Engineered for seamless CMS integration, facilitating straightforward content management through connectors, schemas, and templates.
  • Adapters: Specialized adapters transform CMS content into component props, enabling cross-CMS functionality without requiring developers to navigate different content formats.

Component adapters

Key Benefits

  • Accelerated Development: Significantly reduces the time to kickstart projects by offering ready-made components and content architectures.
  • Design Flexibility and Coherence: Multiple CSS frameworks provide varied aesthetic options without compromising design integrity.
  • Simplified Content Strategy: Facilitates content management and dynamic page rendering, enhancing the editorial workflow.
  • Scalable and Adaptable: Supports project evolution through its modular nature, allowing for component additions and modifications.

Specialized Renders and Utilities

CMS-KIT-Sanity doesn't just provide a framework for building and deploying web applications; it enhances the development experience with a suite of tools and helpers designed to streamline common tasks and challenges. This suite is a testament to the toolkit's commitment to not only simplifying the development process but also enhancing the capabilities of content creators, ensuring that projects are not just efficiently built but are also easy to manage and scale.

At the heart of the CMS-KIT-Sanity's component sets are specialized renders and utility functions. These are meticulously crafted to handle formatted text, links, and images—elements fundamental to any web project but often cumbersome to manage. By abstracting the complexity involved in presenting these elements, CMS-KIT-Sanity allows developers to focus on creativity and functionality, ensuring a smooth user experience across all pages of the project.

  • Formatted Text Renders: Simplify the process of displaying rich text content, maintaining consistency and readability across different browsers and devices.
  • Link Management: Streamline the creation and handling of navigational elements, ensuring they are both user-friendly and SEO-optimized.
  • Image Processing: Facilitate the efficient management and display of images, optimizing them for speed without sacrificing quality.

Utility Components

Flexible and Extensible Component Sets

A pivotal feature of CMS-KIT-Sanity is its approach to Component Sets—not as rigid, unchangeable entities, but as dynamic and extensible foundations within the project folder. This flexibility is at the core of CMS-KIT-Sanity's philosophy, ensuring that developers are equipped not just with a starting point but with a canvas for innovation and customization.

Extending and Developing Components

  • Installable and Extendable: Component Sets are designed to be seamlessly integrated into the project folder, laying the groundwork for future development and expansion. This setup encourages a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation.
  • Utility, Helpers, and API Integration: The full spectrum of CMS-KIT-Sanity's utilities, helpers, and API is designed to shine when developing or extending components. These tools facilitate a streamlined development process, allowing developers to focus on crafting unique UI elements and integrating them with the provided content schemas.
  • Guided Development Process: Creating new components within CMS-KIT-Sanity is both guided and straightforward, thanks to a simple, clear structure that handles most of the integration seamlessly. Developers can concentrate on UI development and schema population, leveraging utilities and the CMS-KIT-Sanity plugin to simplify template generation and other tasks.

Components structure

Tools for Schema Management and Dynamic Content Rendering

CMS-KIT-Sanity goes a step further by offering a comprehensive set of tools specifically designed for working with Sanity. These tools cater to the most common use cases in schema creation and content management, automating much of the groundwork involved in setting up and populating content models.

  • Schema Creation and Management: By automating the process of schema setup and integration, CMS-KIT-Sanity reduces the time and effort required to define and manage the content structure within Sanity. This automation not only speeds up the initial project setup but also ensures that content models are robust and adaptable to future needs.
  • Dynamic Content Rendering: CMS-KIT-Sanity empowers content creators with tools that allow for the dynamic rendering of pages. This capability means that updates to content are immediately reflected on the live site, enabling a more agile and responsive content strategy without requiring developer intervention for every change.

Customization at Your Fingertips

  • Tailwind Theme Customization: Developers have the freedom to modify Tailwind theme settings (or themes of other CSS frameworks, depending on the Component Set in use), offering a layer of customization that can significantly alter the look and feel of the entire project.
  • UI Element Alternation: Internal UI elements such as buttons, links, and cards are designed for reusability. Altering these elements in one place can have a widespread effect, ensuring consistency and coherence across the website.

Empowering Developer Creativity

CMS-KIT-Sanity stands out by providing a comprehensive set of tools that act as facilitators in the development process rather than imposing limitations. This ethos empowers developers to:

  • Follow Best Practices or Forge New Paths: While CMS-KIT-Sanity offers guidelines and structures for component development, it also respects the creativity and expertise of developers, allowing for custom approaches to project development when necessary.
  • No Restrictions on Innovation: The toolkit is designed to support and enhance the development process, providing the foundations upon which developers can build, innovate, and customize according to project needs and visions.

Revolutionizing Collaboration and Efficiency

Sanity Studio

CMS-KIT-Sanity not only streamlines the technical aspects of web development but also enhances the collaborative dynamics between developers and content creators. By offering an intuitive and flexible toolkit that simplifies content management and promotes design consistency, CMS-KIT-Sanity stands at the forefront of modern web development solutions.

Advanced CMS Integration in CMS-KIT-Sanity

CMS-KIT-Sanity elevates project development with its comprehensive CMS integration, streamlining the way data is managed, content is created, and components are rendered. This integration ensures that all necessary connections are not just established but optimized for a seamless development and content management experience.

Seamless Data Fetching and Content Model Creation

  • Automated Data Fetching: CMS-KIT-Sanity automates the process of fetching data from the CMS, ensuring that your project always has access to the latest content updates directly from Sanity.

  • Content Model Integration: By aggregating the schemas of all components, CMS-KIT-Sanity facilitates the creation of a cohesive content model. This unified model simplifies content architecture and streamlines content management workflows.

Enhanced Component Rendering and Live Preview

  • Component Rendering Utils: CMS-KIT-Sanity introduces utilities that automatically map content types to their corresponding components, efficiently passing content as props. This mapping ensures that content is accurately and dynamically rendered according to its designated component.

Rendering Utils

  • Live Preview Routes: The toolkit includes out-of-the-box support for live content previewing during editing in Sanity Studio. This functionality allows content creators to see real-time changes in the context of the actual application, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of content editing.

Preview Utils

Visual Editing and Template Management

  • Templates Populating and Selection: Complemented by a custom plugin developed as part of CMS-KIT-Sanity, this feature extends the capabilities of visual editing by organizing all templates in a preview panel. Content creators can easily browse, select, and utilize these templates, making the process of adding and editing content both intuitive and efficient: video.

templates selecting

  • Visual Editing Integration: One of Sanity's standout features, visual editing, is fully integrated into CMS-KIT-Sanity. This integration significantly enhances the content editing experience by allowing content creators to visually interact with their content as they edit, bridging the gap between the CMS and the frontend application seamlessly.

Visual Editing


As we draw this exploration of CMS-KIT-Sanity to a close, it's clear that what we've developed at Focus Reactive is not just another tool, but a comprehensive solution forged from years of direct experience and meticulous refinement. Our journey into the world of headless CMS began in earnest in 2019, and since then, we've dedicated ourselves to mastering these systems, learning their nuances, and understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Our work with Sanity over the past four years stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, diving deep into its capabilities, and leveraging its potential to the fullest.

Our projects, such as the highly customized system for Tipico USA and the SEO-optimized Traffic Guard platform, highlight the versatility and power of CMS-KIT-Sanity. We've embraced innovations like Visual Editing early on, constantly integrating the latest features and trends into our work. This relentless pursuit of improvement and efficiency culminated in the creation of CMS-KIT, initially envisioned as an internal tool to streamline our project starts. Yet, recognizing the broader need for such a resource, we made the decision to open-source CMS-KIT, sharing our insights and solutions with the development community at large.

CMS-KIT-Sanity is more than just a starting point for projects; it's a manifestation of our belief in accessibility and adaptability. Understanding that not all decisions are made by those with technical expertise, we've incorporated a no-code deployment option. This allows anyone to experience the system firsthand, to create, test, and see the immediate benefits of working with CMS-KIT-Sanity without a single line of code. It's an invitation to explore the potential of your project, with the freedom to dive deeper and customize further as your needs evolve.

At Focus Reactive, we offer CMS-KIT both as a standalone product and as a foundation for our development services. If our philosophy resonates with you and you're looking for a way to kickstart your project efficiently and effectively, we're here to help. Our team will delve into your project's specifics, provide estimations, and craft a tailored approach that leverages CMS-KIT to minimize time to market and maximize project success.

In essence, CMS-KIT-Sanity embodies our dedication to empowering developers and content creators alike, streamlining the development process while enhancing content management and collaboration. It's a testament to our belief in the transformative power of headless CMS, refined through our own experiences and shared with the world. Whether you're embarking on a new project or seeking to elevate an existing one, CMS-KIT-Sanity offers a path to not just meeting but exceeding your goals.


Oleg Proskurin

Oleg Proskurin

TechLead at FocusReactive