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Transform Your Headless CMS Experience: Discover the Power of TakeShape's API Mesh

Meet our partner TakeShape. By combining multiple APIs into a single GraphQL endpoint TakeShape offers developers flexibility, efficiency, and a seamless headless solution. TakeShape brings the concept of Headless to a whole new level by introducing the power of API mesh and data orchestration capabilities

Transform Your Headless CMS Experience: Discover the Power of TakeShape's API Mesh

Traditional headless platforms have long been known for their flexibility and ease of use. They allow developers to build abstract content models without being tied to any specific frontend technology.

However, in the constantly evolving world of web development, it's essential to keep up with the latest advancements and utilize the most effective tools to boost your project's performance. One such innovative tool that has recently emerged is TakeShape. By combining multiple APIs into a single GraphQL endpoint, TakeShape offers developers flexibility, efficiency, and a seamless headless solution.

While you may already be familiar with headless CMS, TakeShape takes this concept to a whole new level by introducing the power of API mesh and data orchestration capabilities. With this article, we will start exploring TakeShape's features, benefits, and impact on the way how developers manage and retrieve data.

The Power of API Mesh

With TakeShape's API mesh, developers can now merge GraphQL and REST APIs from multiple third-party services into a single, unified API layer. This groundbreaking feature allows for seamless integration and management of various services, making it the perfect fit for modern web architecture and Jamstack or SSR frameworks. Moreover, TakeShape already has a wealth of predefined connections with popular third-party services, making the integration process even smoother.

Data Orchestration for Optimum Performance

TakeShape's data orchestration capabilities enable web developers to access all their data and services from an optimized, high-performance GraphQL endpoint. This union API feature significantly boosts the origin API performance by multiple orders of magnitude and unlocks new capabilities like complex filtering across multiple APIs. By utilizing this advanced approach, developers can ensure that their projects achieve high performance and better Lighthouse scores.

TakeShape as a Headless CMS

Aside from its powerful API mesh features, TakeShape also serves as a standalone headless CMS with a cloud database, offering developers a comprehensive solution for managing their content and data. With its interface, developers can easily model their data, edit content, and manage their projects' settings. Furthermore, TakeShape's built-in i18n support ensures robust localization capabilities for developers catering to a global audience.

Flexibility and Customization

TakeShape is designed to offer maximum flexibility and customization to web developers, allowing them to create unique content experiences tailored to their projects' specific needs. TakeShape's platform offers many options to meet different project needs, from modeling data to creating custom access control roles.

One of the key advantages of using TakeShape is its seamless integration with popular frontend frameworks such as NextJS, Gatsby, Nuxt and others. With its extensive documentation and project starter resources, developers can quickly get started on building their projects using their preferred frameworks.

Improved Page Rank and Lighthouse Scores

By leveraging TakeShape's data orchestration and caching features, developers can significantly improve their projects' page rank and achieve perfect Lighthouse scores. This, in turn, leads to better visibility and higher conversion rates for their projects.

A key factor in successful web development is ensuring an exceptional user experience that keeps visitors engaged and converts them into customers. TakeShape's advanced headless solution plays a vital role in achieving this goal by helping developers optimize their projects' performance and streamline operations.

Rapid API Development

With TakeShape, frontend developers can create an omni-channel-ready API in just a matter of hours, instead of spending months on backend development. This accelerated API development process helps developers ship their projects faster and respond more quickly to changing market conditions.

It allows web developers to focus on the frontend side of projects and overall strategy. TakeShape can automatically provide documentation and types for generated GraphQL API. With this developers can efficiently access and manage their data and services without worrying about the backend details.

Time to Market and Operational Efficiency

In today's fast-paced web development landscape, time-to-market and operational efficiency are crucial factors in determining a project's success. TakeShape's innovative features contribute significantly to these aspects by making it easier for developers to manage their data, services, and front-end technologies.

The FocusReactive and TakeShape Partnership

The TakeShape Agency Partner Program is designed to provide developers with the resources they need to create exceptional user experiences and optimize their projects for performance. Through this program, developers get access to a range of benefits, including exclusive discounts, priority support, and access to the latest TakeShape news and knowledge. FocusReactive is proud to be a partner in this program, allowing us to offer our clients the best possible services for their web development needs. We have the expertise and experience necessary to create highly optimized modern web projects that deliver outstanding results. With our partnership with TakeShape, we can ensure our clients get the most out of their web development projects.


TakeShape's API mesh and advanced headless solution offer web developers a powerful, flexible, and efficient platform that streamlines project management and ensures optimum performance. If you're a web developer, professional, or agency looking to stay ahead of the curve and harness the full potential of modern web architecture, it's time to explore the power of TakeShape and its innovative features with the support of our team. Book a call with us today and discover how TakeShape can transform your web development experience and take your projects to new heights.


Oleg Proskurin

Oleg Proskurin

TechLead at FocusReactive