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Agile Headless Commerce: How Storyblok Enables Composable Commerce Ecosystems

Forward-thinking brands understand that digital is everywhere, not just websites but mobile applications, kiosks, IoT devices, and other interfaces. This has changed how these businesses approach everything, including eCommerce, and ushered in a new focus on headless commerce

Agile Headless Commerce: How Storyblok Enables Composable Commerce Ecosystems

Given that 59% of B2B decision makers surveyed by Profitwell and BigCommerce are already using headless commerce and plan to continue, while another 29% are considering using headless commerce soon, going headless is something many brands should be paying attention to. However, merchants ready to embrace the ever-expanding headless commerce movement need to be able to build and scale online stores quickly. A headless CMS like Storyblok can provide the capabilities necessary to do just that.

Recap: Headless Commerce vs. Traditional Commerce

You've probably heard us mention headless commerce before. But to recap.

Headless commerce or headless eCommerce refers to decoupling the front-end presentation layer from the back-end eCommerce infrastructure. The eCommerce solution handles all commerce-related functionality while developers can create any experience on the front-end using their preferred technologies.

On the other hand, traditional commerce keeps the front-end and the back-end tightly coupled together. The end result is less freedom for developers to create different front-end experiences and two pieces of a solution that are highly dependent on each other.

Headless commerce allows eCommerce brands to publish content using a headless CMS that can deliver that content to a variety of channels. Changes to the front-end don't have to impact the back-end and vice versa, and it offers security benefits, particularly against DDoS attacks and high traffic spikes.

However, headless commerce does require more developer firepower. If you opt for a pure headless CMS to power the content experience, content authors could be left without the easy-to-use tools they enjoyed from a traditional setup.

Another term often mentioned is composable commerce which goes a step further than headless commerce. It refers to building an eCommerce tech stack using the best-of-breed components that you choose. So you can select the CMS, eCommerce platform, and even other components like a shopping cart, analytics tool, and more.

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How Storyblok Enables Brands to Build Agile Headless Commerce Ecosystems

As a headless CMS, Storyblok Headless CMS provides brands with the tools to create compelling content experiences for their eCommerce stores. It makes building high-quality landing pages that convert visitors into buyers much easier and allows you to deliver content to multiple channels, not just a desktop. Here are some of the other ways Storyblok can be used tocreate agile headless commerce ecosystems:

Integrations with Leading eCommerce Platforms

For enterprise customers, the eCommerce Field-Type Plugin is available to make integration an even smoother process, allowing you to pull product data from the eCommerce platform and use that to modify your product and category pages in Storyblok.

Ready-made integrations are available for popular platforms like Shopify. Still, Storyblok's API-first architecture allows you to easily connect an eCommerce platform to power the back-end of your headless commerce setup as well as with tools like Crystallize, Swell, and others.

Growing Technology Ecosystem

Storyblok offers a technology ecosystem that makes it easier for businesses to integrate Storyblok with proven enterprise-graded solutions across a number of different categories. The modern eCommerce journey is multifaceted, and brands that want the most flexibility, particularly those that want to build a composable commerce tech stack, can benefit from their partnerships with eCommerce solutions like CommerceLayer and Nacelle as well as technologies for Search, PIM, DAM and more.

Personalization & Localization Capabilities

Having a one-size-fits-all approach to the modern eCommerce customer journey is a recipe for disaster for any savvy business. Storyblok offers personalization capabilities that allow brands to tailor the experience to fit unique audiences, such as new visitors and returning customers. You can also increase personalization efforts with the help of localization features. Deliver a unique experience to customers from different countries while considering cultural differences, languages, pricing dynamics, and more.

Visual Editing

While some headless CMS platforms may limit marketers' ability to modify an eCommerce store or landing page, Storyblok provides a visual editor that includes real-time previews. Content authors can create content using blocks and preview how it will look on different screen sizes while efficiently collaborating with their peers.

Omnichannel Publishing

The typical eCommerce customer journey doesn't happen in one place. Customers see a product on a social media app, start browsing the site on their smartphone and then go home to complete the purchase because they forgot their credit card. There might also be several other steps in between. Yet regardless of what channel they're on, eCommerce buyers want to have a seamless and high-quality experience during every interaction with your brand. With omnichannel publishing via headless architecture, Storyblok enables brands to accomplish this.


For developers, APIs are an essential piece of real estate. Storyblok doesn't only include REST APIs but can be used with GraphQL, allowing developers to capitalize on automated documentation and strongly typed responses and other benefits.

Framework Agnosticism

One of the reasons why businesses opt for a headless CMS is that it gives developers the freedom to use the front-end frameworks they want. That means modern approaches like Jamstack and exciting frameworks like React, Next.js, Nuxt.js, and others can be used to create fast and engaging front-ends that keep customers delighted.

Scale Your Agile Commerce Capabilities With FocusReactive and Storyblok

Being agile is about moving quickly and adapting to changes. When it comes to eCommerce, customer demands, digital channels, and technologies will continue to change at an alarming rate, now and in the future. Brands that want to keep up and build technology stacks to help them ride the waves of change should be considering headless commerce and a composable commerce ecosystem.

Storyblok can provide the technical foundation you need as a headless CMS, but you shouldn't stop there. FocusReactive are consultants for the modern web with extensive knowledge of headless eCommerce and experience building content-centric eCommerce websites. We're also Storyblok partners and can help you get the most out of the headless CMS.

Ready to enter the future of eCommerce? Let's discuss how we can build and scale your composable commerce ecosystem with Storyblok as a foundation.

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