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Our Jamstack expertise

At FocusReactive, we are proud to be experts in the Jamstack architecture - a modern web development approach that is based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.

Our team has years of experience in Jamstack development and NextJS framework expertise, which allows us to deliver outstanding results that are both fast and secure.

Choose FocusReactive for your Jamstack development needs and experience the highest level of quality, expertise, and results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help take your web development to the next level with our expertise.

Future-proof solutions at affordable budget

Budget Project complexity
Affordable (20k - 150k EUR) Premium
Focus Reactive
  • Budget: 20-150k
  • Premium scalability with pre-built plugins
  • Efficient, expert tech stack integration
expensive (200k EUR - )
  • Complex integrations
  • Scale
  • Enterprise security
Cheap (under 5k EUR) Generic
  • Simple interface
  • Quick setup
Low budget (5k - 20k EUR) Website
  • Standart solutions
  • No unique features
EasyPark project

Technologies we use


A flexible and powerful CMS that empowers teams to create, manage, and deliver content seamlessly, making it a top choice for modern content-driven applications


A headless CMS designed for developers to manage structured content, offering APIs and a visual editor for delivering content to websites and applications in a flexible and programmatic manner.


A CMS that provides a flexible and developer-friendly way to manage and deliver content across various digital channels


React framework that enables server-side rendering, routing, and other advanced features for building fast and scalable web applications


A widely-used JavaScript library for building user interfaces that allows developers to create interactive and dynamic web applications efficiently.


A runtime environment that allows developers to execute JavaScript code server-side, enabling the creation of fast and scalable network applications


A cloud platform that specializes in deploying and hosting web applications, making it easy to build, deploy, and scale your projects with speed and efficiency.


A query language and runtime for APIs that allows clients to request only the specific data they need, resulting in more efficient and flexible data retrieval, making it ideal for modern API development.


A global content delivery and internet security company that provides services such as content delivery, DDoS protection, firewall, and DNS management to optimize the performance, security, and reliability of websites and online applications.


We completed a project consisting of a landing page and documentation, utilizing markdown files in the repository for content management.

Our custom plugins enabled support for extended markdown syntax. The website was generated using SSG for optimal performance and includes a documentation search feature powered by DocSearch by Algolia.


We have developed a fully functional storefront for their US market website, integrating with Stripe and their fulfillment services, centralizing product catalog and order statuses within the Crystallize platform.

The eCommerce store is highly optimized using the latest Next.js features and is hosted on Vercel.

Tipico Marketing

With the help of Sanity and Next.js, we crafted a dynamic website with 50+ modular content blocks, hosted on Vercel for optimal performance.

We ensured tailored user experiences with custom localization, catering to an international audience.

Our clients say


Head of Product, Tipico

"We needed a headless CMS solution to enter the highly regulated US sports betting and online casino market. We chose Focus Reactive to develop it using Sanity. Because of them, today we have a tailor made, flexible and high-quality CMS Studio on deadline. Impressed by the quality of work and transparency throughout the process."

Igor Oudekerk

Product Owner, EasyPark

"We picked FocusReactive over other partners because of their no-nonsense approach, technical know-how, experience and price. FocusReactive’s work has doubled SEO traffic in the first week and has received positive feedback from stakeholders. A lot of companies have layers of sales on top of them and if you don't plan in advance, you cannot get the resources needed. FocusReactive ensures that you are never blocked because they will prioritise for you. They are very professional while they are down-to-earth and social enough to have a laugh with. I really see them as part of the team and not a supplier of resources."

Jamstack usecases


Jamstack is a modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup. It’s transforming the web by offering faster load times, better security, and a smoother developer experience, all while scaling beautifully as your project grows.

Jamstack sites are very fast and performant because they serve prebuilt static files hosted on edge servers. This eliminates the need for complex server-side processing, significantly reducing load times and ensuring an ultra-fast experience for users.

Absolutely! Jamstack is all about flexibility and integration. It leverages APIs for any backend functionality, which means it can seamlessly connect with a vast array of services and systems, from eCommerce to CMS, enhancing functionality without bogging down performance.

Sure thing. Jamstack sites inherently possess excellent SEO qualities, like faster load times and mobile responsiveness. Moreover, their content is easily crawlable by search engines, making them a robust choice for marketing-driven sites aiming for high visibility.

Jamstack offers enhanced security by minimizing server-side processes and reducing points of vulnerability. With static hosting and reliance on APIs, the surface area for attacks is significantly reduced, leading to a more secure web environment.

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