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Official Vercel integration partner

We build future proof, performant and SEO optimized Next.js websites

FocusReactive has been a dedicated NextJS development agency and consultancy for the last 5 years, with all our projects leveraging its power. Our clients praise the enhanced performance and SEO results they achieve.

With expertise in both static and dynamic websites, we're proficient not only in Next.js core functionalities but also in its latest features. Having worked with diverse hosting solutions like AWS and seamlessly integrating various Headless CMSs, we're proud to be an official Vercel Integration partner.

Following recent NextJS accelerated innovation, we now offer specialized Next.js site audits and modernization services to harness the latest updates with a focus on peak performance. If you're seeking top-tier user experience and the best of Next.js, we're here to help.

Technologies we use


React framework that enables server-side rendering, routing, and other advanced features for building fast and scalable web applications


A cloud platform where we usually deploy and host Next.JS applications, making it easy to build, deploy, and scale your projects with speed and efficiency.


A JavaScript library for building user interfaces that allows developers to create interactive and dynamic web applications efficiently.


Flexible and powerful CMS that empowers teams to create, manage, and deliver content seamlessly, making it a top choice for modern content-driven applications


A headless CMS designed for developers to manage structured content, offering APIs and a visual editor for delivering content to websites and applications in a flexible and programmatic manner.


A CMS that provides a flexible and developer-friendly way to manage and deliver content across various digital channels


On the EasyPark project, we consolidated 20+ domains into a single platform, introduced a comprehensive CMS handling 6,998 stories, 1,131 assets, and 125 blocks with 24 users.

We also optimized the site for global use, supporting 35 languages across 14 countries, and achieved top 1-5 search rankings in all active regions.



We have developed a fully functional storefront for their US market website, integrating with Stripe and their fulfillment services, centralizing product catalog and order statuses within the Crystallize platform.

The eCommerce store is highly optimized using the latest Next.js features and is hosted on Vercel.



We crafted an SEO-optimized, high-performing platform with dynamic content management, scalable infrastructure, and seamless localization, setting a new benchmark in the digital realm of the Casino industry


Project Types

FAQ about Next.JS

Next.js is an open-source React framework that enables functionalities like server-side rendering and static site generation, enhancing website performance, SEO, and developer experience in building scalable, modern web applications.

Next.js offers features like automatic code splitting, easy routing with file-system-based routes, built-in CSS and Sass support, API routes to build API endpoints, and TypeScript support, making it a comprehensive solution for modern web development projects.

Next.js performs server-side rendering by default, rendering React components on the server, which helps in faster page loads, improved SEO, and better initial load performance compared to client-side rendering.

Yes, Next.js supports static site generation, allowing developers to pre-render pages at build time. This is beneficial for sites with static content, leading to faster load times and improved SEO.

Next.js enhances SEO through its server-side rendering and static generation features, ensuring content is fully rendered and crawlable by search engines, which can be a challenge in client-side rendered apps.

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