• Solving initial project setup overhead
  • Seeding with initial content and UI components
  • Toolset for fast project grow
  • Flexible and extendable: tools to speed up, not to limit
  • Manually turned Headless CMS customization set

Jumpstart your frontend development with our pre-setup application:

  • CMS integration
  • Starter components Set.
  • Auto creates and connects Vercel and CMS accounts

After you init the project, you immediately get ready for the production system of code source, hosting, and CMS

Seamless integration with top-notch Headless CMS platforms using CMS-KIT. Our solution is tailored to provide best practices for each chosen CMS. Out of the box you will have:

  • CMS configuration
  • Content fetching
  • Content model

The Starter Components Set is the core of your project. It comes as a pluggable collection of:

  • UI elements
  • Content schemas
  • CMS connectors
  • Design system
  • Content templates
  • CSS framework

The key to the project growth is the ability to extend and modify Starter Components installed in your project folder. CMS-KIT provides you all the needed tools for smooth and efficient development:

  • API for adding new components
  • Tools for schema modeling
  • Helpers for Content Templates creating
  • Functional Components

Besides that, developers have full freedom to edit existing Components Set

Core Features

At CMS-KIT, we focus on crafting a content editing environment that stands out, ensuring that every aspect of the platform caters to the needs of those who shape the narrative of digital spaces.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Content Modeling: We lay the foundation for clear and logical content structures, making it easy for editors to navigate and manage content. Our models are designed to be both flexible and powerful, accommodating a wide range of content types and relationships.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The CMS-KIT interface is engineered for simplicity and efficiency. Content creators can easily access all necessary tools and features, reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity.
  • Visual Editing and Live Preview: We integrate advanced visual editing tools and live preview capabilities, allowing editors to see real-time changes and adjustments. This not only speeds up the content creation process but also ensures accuracy and consistency across all digital platforms.
  • Secure Content Processes: With a focus on security, CMS-KIT implements robust content creation and approval workflows. These processes support teams with diverse roles, enabling controlled access and collaboration without compromising the integrity of the content.
  • Enhanced Plugin Ecosystem: Our platform offers a curated selection of top plugins and customizations for each CMS. These enhancements are chosen to improve the editorial experience, adding features like SEO optimization tools, media management solutions, and more.
  • Visualizing the Editorial Experience: We push the boundaries by offering various ways to visualize content management and editorial processes. From drag-and-drop interfaces to block-based editors, CMS-KIT makes content creation not only efficient but also enjoyable.

Commitment to Excellence:

Our commitment to enhancing the editorial experience in headless CMS projects is unwavering. By continuously refining our integration techniques and staying ahead of technological advancements, CMS-KIT aims to provide content creators with the best tools and UI for their creative endeavors. Whether you're launching a new project or optimizing an existing one, CMS-KIT equips you with everything you need for a superior content editing experience.

CMS-KIT embodies this principle by enabling parallelized work among developers, designers, and content creators right from the project's inception.

Key Strategies:

  • Initial Content as a Foundation: CMS-KIT kickstarts every project with a set of pre-filled content. This not only serves as a concrete base for developers to build and test new features but also provides content creators with editable examples. By having this initial content, teams can work simultaneously on different aspects of the project without waiting on each other.
  • Simultaneous Development and Design: With our comprehensive frontend boilerplate and starter components kit, developers and designers can work in tandem. Designers can fine-tune the UI/UX aspects while developers focus on integrating these designs with the headless CMS backend, ensuring a cohesive and functional end product.
  • Efficient Content Creation Workflow: The editorial experience we've crafted allows content creators to begin their work early in the project lifecycle. With intuitive content modeling and user-friendly interfaces, they can easily navigate and populate the CMS with high-quality content that complements the developing features and design.
  • Reduced Dependencies: By minimizing dependencies between the roles, CMS-KIT facilitates a smoother project flow. Developers can implement new functionalities without waiting for final content, designers can adjust the UI elements independently, and content creators can experiment with layouts and content structures without requiring constant developer input.


  • Shorter Time to Market: This approach drastically reduces the project's time to market. With all teams working concurrently, milestones are reached faster, feedback loops are shortened, and iterations become more efficient.
  • Dynamic Collaboration: CMS-KIT fosters a dynamic collaboration environment where creativity and innovation thrive. The parallelized workflow encourages continuous feedback and adjustments, leading to a more refined and user-centered product.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Starting with a solid foundation of initial content and a scalable project structure, CMS-KIT ensures that projects can grow and evolve easily. As the project progresses, teams can add new features, refine content, and enhance designs without disrupting the ongoing development.

At the heart of CMS-KIT's philosophy is the Pluggable Starter Components Set, a robust toolkit designed to kickstart your project by providing a comprehensive array of UI elements, content blocks, themes, schemas, and initial templates. This foundational set not only accelerates project initiation but also serves as the cornerstone for ongoing development, ensuring a seamless and efficient build process from start to finish.

Key Features:

  • Versatile UI Elements and Content Blocks: The Starter Components Set is your ultimate "lego" kit for assembling pages with ease. It includes a wide variety of UI elements and dynamic content blocks, allowing for endless customization and creativity in page design.
  • Multiple CSS Frameworks Compatibility: Recognizing the diverse preferences in web development, we offer component sets created with different CSS frameworks, each featuring distinct designs. This flexibility ensures that you can select the set that best fits your project's aesthetic and technical requirements.
  • Seamless CMS Integration: Each component set is engineered to plug into any supported headless CMS seamlessly. With CMS connectors, schemas, and templates compatible across different CMS platforms, integrating your chosen UI elements into the content management system is straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Ready for Customization: Upon addition to your project, the Starter Components Set is conveniently located within a project folder, making it readily accessible for developers. This organization not only streamlines the development process but also encourages extension and modification of components to suit specific project needs.


  • Accelerated Project Kickstart: By providing a ready-made set of components, CMS-KIT significantly reduces the time and effort required to initiate a project. Developers can focus on customizing and enhancing features rather than building from scratch.
  • Enhanced Design Flexibility: With multiple design options available through different CSS frameworks, projects can achieve a unique look and feel without compromising on functionality or user experience.
  • Simplified Content Management: The integration of components with the CMS through pre-configured connectors and schemas simplifies content management. Content creators can easily manipulate and populate content blocks, streamlining the editorial process.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: As projects evolve, the pluggable nature of the Starter Components Set allows for easy adaptation and scalability. Developers can introduce new elements, adjust existing components, and refine content strategies to meet changing requirements.


The Pluggable Starter Components Set is a testament to CMS-KIT's commitment to facilitating rapid, flexible, and efficient web project development.

CMS-KIT redefines the approach to building web pages through the innovative use of nesting Content Blocks, a method that embraces simplicity and modularity. By conceptualizing pages as an array of stackable content pieces, we provide the ultimate flexibility in content creation and design. This modular system not only streamlines the development process but also empowers content creators to craft unique and engaging digital experiences.

Core Principles:

  • Minimal Content Entities: Each Content Block is a minimalistic content entity, comprising a collection of simple fields like text, images, or settings. This granular approach allows for the creation of rich, versatile content without complexity.
  • Stackable Array Construction: Our methodology involves organizing these blocks into arrays to build content pages. On a page, a Content Block typically represents a full-width rectangular area, each with its distinct design and content. This array-based structure facilitates easy rearrangement and customization of page layouts.
  • Flexible Content Typing: Content Blocks come with defined content types, outlined by their content fields, and are integrated into the project's content model. This system offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling content blocks of different types to be combined and customized across project pages.
  • Design Independence: From a design perspective, each Content Block is an independent piece, capable of being inserted alongside others while adhering to the project's design system. Designers craft these blocks with the knowledge that their placement and use are fluid, ensuring adaptability across various contexts within the project.
  • Technical Implementation: In technical terms, a Content Block is a React component designed to consume content from the CMS and apply specific logic and design principles. It can leverage smaller design system elements and functional components from CMS-KIT, ensuring consistency and reusability.


  • Creative Flexibility for Content Creators: The Content Blocks system allows creators to assemble pages using blocks of different types, adjusting their appearance and populating them with specific content. This flexibility encourages innovation and personalization in content presentation.
  • Seamless Design Integration: Despite their independence, Content Blocks follow the project's overarching design system, ensuring a cohesive look and feel across all pages. This design consistency is crucial for maintaining brand identity and user experience.
  • Scalable Project Development: As projects evolve, the amount and functionality of Content Blocks can be expanded. This scalability supports the natural growth of the project, enabling the introduction of new features and content types without disrupting existing structures.


Content Blocks represent the essence of CMS-KIT's vision for flexible, efficient, and creative web development. By treating content as modular entities that can be easily combined and customized, CMS-KIT sets a new standard for content management and presentation

CMS-KIT approach focuses on simplifying the content creation process, moving away from the complexities of content block schemas, and directly empowering editors with the tools to craft engaging digital experiences effortlessly.

Transforming Content Management:

  • Visual Selection of Templates: Editors are now equipped to visually preview and select from a vast collection of content templates, tailored for specific content blocks. This user-friendly approach eliminates the need for technical understanding of content block implementations, allowing content creators to focus on the creative aspect of their work.
  • Prepared Content Examples: Each content template represents a pre-prepared content example, enabling editors to immediately grasp the potential applications of a content block. By providing these ready-to-use templates, CMS-KIT significantly reduces the time and effort involved in content creation.
  • Enhanced Editorial Flexibility: Shifting to content templates introduces a new level of flexibility in content management. Editors can effortlessly choose the most suitable template for their needs, streamlining the content creation process while maintaining high standards of quality and consistency.

Benefits for Developers and Editors:

  • Flexible and Customizable Content Blocks: The introduction of content templates allows for the development of highly flexible and customizable content blocks. These blocks can exhibit a wide range of layouts and appearances, accommodating various design and content requirements.
  • Rich Content Creation: By adding templates that showcase different variations of a content block, CMS-KIT empowers both developers and editors. This empowerment facilitates the creation of rich, diverse content without compromising the project's development progress or editorial vision.
  • Simplified Editorial Process: The template-driven approach simplifies the editorial process, making it more intuitive and efficient. Content creators can easily identify and apply the most appropriate templates, enhancing the overall quality and impact of the digital content.


Init Content Templates represent a pivotal advancement in CMS-KIT's commitment to improving the content management ecosystem. By bridging the gap between technical implementation and creative expression, CMS-KIT enables a seamless, efficient, and enriching content creation experience. This innovation not only streamlines the editorial workflow but also opens up new possibilities for dynamic and visually compelling content. Embrace the future of content management with CMS-KIT, where flexibility, creativity, and efficiency converge.

CMS-KIT revolutionizes the way projects are launched with its Instant Project Rollout feature, a testament to our commitment to simplicity and efficiency. This cutting-edge approach eliminates the traditional barriers to project setup, offering a seamless transition from concept to creation without the need for developer or DevOps intervention.

Simplified Project Setup Process:

  • No-Code Project Initiation: We've transformed the initial project setup into a fully automated, no-code solution. This innovation allows anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to quickly roll out a new project.
  • Effortless Form Submission: To initiate the process, users simply complete a form on our website. This user-friendly approach ensures that potential clients can easily trial our system, experiencing the power and flexibility of CMS-KIT firsthand.
  • Automated Script Execution: Upon form submission, our backend scripts spring into action. These powerful scripts handle everything from initializing Vercel and CMS accounts to setting up necessary hooks. This automation streamlines the technical setup, making project deployment as effortless as possible.
  • Pre-populated with Content and Components: Each new project instance comes pre-loaded with a meticulously designed model and initial content, alongside our versatile Starter Components Set. This ready-to-use foundation enables users to start creating pages immediately, exploring the full potential of CMS-KIT without delay.

Advantages of Instant Project Rollout:

  • Rapid Deployment: The instant rollout significantly accelerates the project deployment process, allowing users to go from concept to live project in a fraction of the time traditionally required.
  • Empowerment of Non-Technical Users: By removing technical hurdles, CMS-KIT democratizes the creation of sophisticated web projects. Content managers, marketers, and other non-technical stakeholders can directly initiate and manage projects, fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Streamlined Development Process: For developers and designers, the instant setup means jumping straight into customization and enhancement, focusing on creating unique user experiences rather than dealing with setup logistics.
  • Validation and Experimentation: This approach allows potential clients to validate the CMS-KIT platform's capabilities and fit for their projects before committing to development, encouraging experimentation and informed decision-making.


The Instant Project Rollout feature encapsulates CMS-KIT's vision for accessible, efficient, and flexible web project deployment. By automating the setup process and offering a no-code solution, we not only expedite project launch times but also open up new possibilities for users at every skill level. Experience the future of project deployment with CMS-KIT, where innovation meets simplicity, enabling instant transformation of ideas into reality.

Meet our first CMS integration

Sanity Headless CMS

Sanity CMS, known for its customizable nature and real-time collaboration, serves as the foundation for CMS-KIT's first integration, aimed at enhancing project creation and management. This partnership leverages Sanity's flexible content structuring and developer-friendly environment to streamline setup and deployment, ensuring rapid project launch with advanced content management capabilities. By combining CMS-KIT's automation tools with Sanity's real-time editing and customizable schemas, the integration offers a seamless, efficient experience for developers and content creators alike. This powerful synergy simplifies the technical aspects of project deployment, while maximizing adaptability, creativity, and productivity, providing a robust foundation for building dynamic, content-driven applications.

Sanity Headless CMS

CMS-KIT is a simple way to develop complex Headless CMS powered projects





Smart assistant in Headless Word

Everything you need to start and grow your project

Headless CMS Integration

Frontend Boilerplate

UI Components

Tools for custom Components


  • Quick Project Start
  • Initial Content Seed
  • Themable Components Set
  • Deep CMS Integration
  • Great Project Foundation

Templates Selector

1 select block view from the list

2 Add it to the content field

3 Edit block content

4 Repeat!



Discover the core of CMS-KIT: a comprehensive Starter Components Kit designed for dynamic page building. This kit includes fundamental UI elements, a specific CSS framework, and theme settings, all tailored to enhance content creation. With connectors transforming CMS content and templates for easy insertion, it enables quick adaptation and customization, forming the backbone of your project's content model.

Expand your project's capabilities with CMS-KIT's Functional Blocks, APIs, and Helpers, designed to simplify the development of new content blocks. Our toolkit supports you in integrating CMS, embedding schemas, and creating React components that match your design. These tools streamline the addition of customizable and dynamic content blocks, ensuring a flexible and efficient development process.

Seamlessly integrate with top-notch Headless CMS platforms using CMS-KIT. Our solution is tailored to enhance your editorial experience, offering clear content modeling, a user-friendly interface, and secure content processes. Benefit from our pre-configured setups that highlight CMS strengths, supported by our custom solutions and a collection of essential plugins. This integration accelerates setup and customization, ensuring a smooth start for your projects.

Jumpstart your frontend development with our pre-setup application, combining CMS integration and a versatile starter component kit. CMS-KIT's frontend boilerplate eliminates the hassle of connecting components, focusing on SEO, performance, and optimized project structures. Ready out of the box, it provides a solid foundation, allowing you to adapt and expand according to project needs and design.

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