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We at FocusReactive crafted our Headless CMS kit with a developer-first mindset, focusing on technical agility and content management efficiency.

This kit includes a frontend boilerplate for fast project initialization, a library of UI components for flexible interface design, and custom component tools for extended functionality. It's built to facilitate rapid deployment and foster a productive environment for content creators, all while adhering to best practices in modern web development.

Main benefits of our CMS kit

Enables immediate project setup, reducing development time significantly. This allows for an immediate focus on customization and innovation.

Provides a pre-populated content framework, offering a solid starting point and facilitating easier, visual development planning and execution.

Offers extensive customization options for adjusting the website’s appearance to match any brand or design requirement, ensuring your project’s unique identity.

Ensures seamless compatibility and integration with existing systems, improving content flow, system performance, and overall user experience.

Delivers a stable, flexible base for your website, supporting scalability and adaptability, which are crucial for long-term growth and success in the digital landscape.

Core Features

Our CMS kit offers a straightforward interface that simplifies the content creation process, improving efficiency for creators.

Enables simultaneous progress in development and content production, streamlining project timelines.

The kit includes ready-to-use components that accelerate the initial project setup, allowing for fast prototyping.

Pre-made templates are provided to standardize and expedite content creation.

Delivers a solid, scalable base, accommodating evolving requirements and technological advancements.

The system is designed for rapid deployment, allowing projects to go live as soon as they reach launch readiness.

Development Acceleration Suite

Quickly initiate frontend development:

  • Integrated CMS
  • Core components set
  • Vercel & CMS account automation

Begin your project with a ready-to-deploy stack of code source, hosting, and CMS.

Integrate seamlessly with leading Headless CMS platforms through CMS-KIT, crafted for optimal practices per CMS, including:

  • CMS setup
  • Content retrieval
  • Data structure

At your project's heart is a pluggable collection:

  • UI components
  • Content schemas
  • CMS links
  • Design framework
  • Template library
  • Styling toolkit

Expand and refine Starter Components with:

  • API for new component integration
  • Schema design tools
  • Template generation aids Freedom to adapt existing Component Sets for bespoke solutions.


Headless CMS Integration

Facilitates effortless connection with headless CMS platforms, enabling dynamic content management and flexible content modeling to suit various data structures.

Headless CMS Integration

Frontend Boilerplate

Provides a pre-configured codebase for swift project initiation, incorporating best practices for quick, seamless integration with headless CMS architectures.

 Frontend Boilerplate

UI Components

Includes a modular UI component library for efficient interface design, offering pre-made elements with the adaptability for bespoke customization.

UI Components

Tools for custom Components

Comes with development tools for crafting custom components, allowing for the expansion and personalization of the UI to meet project-specific requirements.

Tools for custom Components


Sanity CMS

CMS-kit's integration with Sanity CMS focuses on project efficiency by utilizing Sanity’s customizable schemas and real-time collaboration features.

This partnership ensures quick project setup and deployment, combining CMS-kit's automation with Sanity’s editing capabilities for developers and content creators.

Sanity CMS
An example of page creation with the predefined templates selection

The main tech stack we use in the CMS kit


Flexible and powerful CMS that empowers teams to create, manage, and deliver content seamlessly, making it a top choice for modern content-driven applications


React framework that enables server-side rendering, routing, and other advanced features for building fast and scalable web applications


A strongly typed programming language that builds on JavaScript, giving you better tooling at any scale.


the library for web and native user interfaces. Build user interfaces out of individual pieces called components written in JavaScript


A utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building modern websites without ever leaving your HTML


1. Choose the most suitable block from the list;

2. Add it to the content field;

3. Edit block content;

4. Repeat!


CMS-kit was developed to accelerate projects on headless CMS platforms, enhancing FR's tender offerings, and positioning FR as experts by delivering unique low-code solutions.

Acknowledging updates from CMS providers and competitors, CMS-kit aims to redefine project development with pre-configured templates and components with agility.

CMS-kit introduces boilerplates for project kick-offs, live preview functionality, custom content plugins, and a compatible component set for quick content management.

It seeks to mitigate the fragmented vision within teams and the market's rapid evolution by refining its goals to deliver a competitive, comprehensive components package.

Focusing on component sets and clear project objectives, CMS kit enhances client offerings and ensures coherent development, marketing strategies, and a distinct market positioning.

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