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Read more about our guide that dives into the best headless CMS for NextJS that perfectly complements content-driven websites.

Discover the advantages of integrating a headless CMS with NextJS, including enhanced performance, improved SEO, and greater scalability.

Learn about leading CMS platforms like Contentful, Storyblok, Sanity, and more, each offering unique features and pricing to meet your project's needs. Whether you're starting a new project or migrating to a headless CMS, our expertise ensures you make the best choice for your Next.js application.

Future-proof solutions at affordable budget

Budget Project complexity
Affordable (20k - 150k EUR) Premium
Focus Reactive
  • Budget: 20-150k
  • Premium scalability with pre-built plugins
  • Efficient, expert tech stack integration
expensive (200k EUR - )
  • Complex integrations
  • Scale
  • Enterprise security
Cheap (under 5k EUR) Generic
  • Simple interface
  • Quick setup
Low budget (5k - 20k EUR) Website
  • Standart solutions
  • No unique features

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Headless CMS we use


Flexible and powerful CMS that empowers teams to create, manage, and deliver content seamlessly, making it a top choice for modern content-driven applications


A headless CMS designed for developers to manage structured content, offering APIs and a visual editor for delivering content to websites and applications in a flexible and programmatic manner.


A headless CMS that provides a flexible and developer-friendly way to manage and deliver content across various digital channels


An open-source headless CMS that offers a customizable platform to manage content and databases, providing a RESTful API, real-time updates, custom data models, and robust user permissions.


DatoCMS is a user-friendly headless CMS designed for structured content creation and delivery, equipped with a GraphQL API.

Payload CMS

An open source, headless CMS and application framework built with TypeScript, Node.js, and React.



Storyblok is a headless CMS that offers a visual editor and flexible APIs, catering to both content creators and developers. It handles complex content structures well and allows for efficient content management.

Storyblok is particularly suitable for large-scale projects and multilingual websites due to its robust localization features​



Contentful is a headless CMS known for its powerful API and flexible content modeling capabilities. It supports real-time updates and smooth integrations, making it ideal for enterprises looking to manage and deliver content across multiple platforms.

Contentful is well-suited for projects that require high adaptability and scalability



Sanity provides a real-time, collaborative CMS with customizable content structures. Its flexibility and real-time collaboration features make it suitable for dynamic websites and content-heavy applications.

Sanity's strengths lie in its ability to handle large volumes of content efficiently and its customizable interface for developers​



Strapi is an open-source headless CMS that supports both RESTful and GraphQL endpoints. It offers a high degree of customization and control over content management, making it ideal for developers who need flexibility.

Strapi is suitable for projects that require tailored content management solutions and extensive integrations​



Prismic is a headless CMS that provides a smooth experience for content creators with features like content scheduling and a customizable content editor.

It is designed to simplify content production and delivery, making it suitable for teams that need to manage content efficiently across various platforms​


Payload CMS

It is a headless CMS and application framework supporting Postgres and MongoDB databases. It offers REST and GraphQL APIs for data management, real-time visual editing, and live preview within the admin panel.

It supports TypeScript and allows extensive customization with React components and hooks, making it ideal for various applications, from simple websites to complex enterprise apps​

Payload CMS

Ghost CMS

It is an open-source, headless CMS built on Node.js, ideal for professional publishing with features for rich media integration, memberships, subscriptions, and SEO optimization.

It offers customizable themes and flexible hosting options, making it perfect for content creators and businesses looking for a robust, scalable platform​

Ghost CMS is an API-first, headless CMS designed to enhance content management and delivery, integrating seamlessly with various tools and platforms while providing robust security features and AI-assisted content creation.

Its main advantages are content delivery and scalable content operations, making it ideal for both small businesses and large enterprises​


Hygraph is a GraphQL-native headless CMS that excels in content federation, allowing seamless integration of content from various backend systems into a single API.

This platform supports flexible content modeling, advanced API capabilities, and is designed to unify data from different sources, making it ideal for complex and large-scale digital projects​


Butter CMS

ButterCMS is a headless CMS that simplifies content management for developers and marketers. It integrates seamlessly with frameworks like Angular, React, and Next.js, providing a flexible API and a user-friendly interface.

Key features include split-screen previews, content scheduling, robust digital asset management, and customizable SEO components, making it ideal for both small teams and large enterprises

Butter CMS

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FAQ about NextJS CMS

A headless CMS with NextJS offers flexibility, better performance, and easier multi-platform content delivery through API integration.

We at FocusReactive believe that the best headless CMSs are Sanity CMS and Storyblok CMS due to their seamless integration with React, powerful APIs, and powerful features that cater to developers. Sanity excels with its customizable platform and real-time editing, while Storyblok is praised for its visual editor and component-based system.

Both CMSs are highly recommended for their developer-friendly environments and ability to enhance content management in React projects. For more detailed comparisons and insights, you can view the full article here.

Storyblok integrates with NextJS by providing APIs for fetching content and a visual editor for real-time content updates.

Yes, Sanity handles complex content structures well with real-time collaboration, customizable content models, and the GROQ query language.

Contentful provides a flexible content model, powerful APIs, and real-time updates, making it ideal for dynamic NextJS applications.

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